Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rating the Rating Agencies. And those who control them.

Who rates the Rating Agencies? Who rates those that award triple-A ratings to companies that fail the day after or to junk bonds and toxic financial products that lead to global economy meltdown? The answer: nobody. Who controls them? Huge investment funds, such as BlackRock, for example. If you control a rating agency and if you control publicly listed companies the circle is closed. An excellent book on the subject is "The Lords of Ratings" by P. Gila and M. Miscali.

Ontonix provides quarterly ratings of the resilience of corporations, banks, national economies and systems thereof. We also rate rating agencies. One in particular: Moody's. Here is their latest resilience rating:

Which is equivalent to BBB-

And here is the rating of one of the investment funds that controls Moody's, BlackRock:

They get a resilience rating of 83%, which corresponds to an AA. Surprising? Not really.