Monday, 22 July 2013

Ontonix and Wikirating Announce Collaboration Agreement

Como, Zurich, July 22, 2013 – Ontonix and Wikirating have signed a collaboration agreement with the objective of providing jointly a new and strong message to investors and markets: in a turbulent and globalized economy, new models of rating, beyond the conventional albeit outdated approaches are necessary. "In a turbulent context, traditional ratings don't perform and, as the current crisis shows so eloquently, they can actually become a triggering factor" said Dr. J.Marczyk, the Founder and President of Ontonix. "We believe that in order to avoid the next, worse crisis, ratings must be democratized and turned into a commodity" he added. "Investors need a generally available and reliable rating system but also SMEs should be able to afford a rating in order to participate better in the global economy" he added. "The most important characteristic of such a rating system is that it should be independent, reliable and objective" said D. Credé, the Founder and President of Wikirating. "We believe that the ideal place for such a rating is the internet - the central nervous system of our planet". "Joining forces with Ontonix will be an important step in the direction of providing this new and attractive capability" he concluded.

About Wikirating
Wikirating is a worldwide independent, transparent and collaborative rating organization. It offers an open, editable centralized place for all credit rating related topics, and credit ratings for countries, corporations and other financial products. Wikirating unites rating experts,  economists and normal people, similar to Wikipedia, but with a stronger and stricter peer review concept. Wikirating received a substantial worldwide attention, it was mentioned in more than 50 international press articles in 18 countries among which "Neue Zuercher Zeitung" (Switzerland), "Financial Times" (Germany) and "Financial Post" (Canada). For more information visit our site.

About Ontonix
Ontonix, a privately held company established in 2005, develops award-winning, leading-edge software offering new, innovative analytics solutions to manage risk and optimize performance. The Company and its founder, Dr, Jacek Marczyk, have pioneered the creation of innovative analytic solutions in the field of Quantitative Complexity Management. OntoNet™, the company's flagship product, is a powerful, cloud-based complexity quantification and management system designed to support user applications in identifying potential crisis, securing strategic, business, and economic intelligence, and developing unique analytics metrics, such as near real-time holistic resilience ratings, to create new ways to measure resilience and how well organizations respond to change and turbulence of the global economy. Ontonix is headquarted in Como, Italy. For more information visit the company's website.