Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Is Your Company Prepared for Extreme Events and Shocks?

Is your company prepared to face extreme events and shocks?

Does it hide fragilities of which you are unaware?  

Is it prepared to face the risks of a turbulent economy?

Is it a one-star business, hence candidate for default, or is it resilient and stable?

To which of the classes below does your business belong?

Has it crossed the black line?

Remember, sound financial performance is no guarantee. Many triple-A rated companies have collapsed. Because in a turbulent economy it is the excessive complexity of a business that makes it fragile, it is important to check its resilience on a monthly/quarterly basis. Nowadays, things happen very quickly and conventional risk assessment and risk management techniques are no longer applicable. In measuring the exposure of your business it is important to employ techniques that have been architectured specifically to take turbulence into account.

Measure the resilience of your business on-line (click on the image).