Saturday, 28 September 2013

Measuring Processes in Banks Using the DDD DataPicker and OntoNet

Ontonix and PRB have integrated OntoNet™, the World's first real-time Quantitative Complexity Management engine into PRB's DDD DataPicker™ system. The DDD DataPicker™ system is an advanced and configurable platform for document, process and workflow management which is used mainly in banks to monitor a multitude of processes. Integration of OntoNet™ with the DDD system allows its users to measure in real-time the complexity of various processes and to quickly identify those that are excessively complex thereby reducing process efficiency. Moreover, the system allows users to identify which phases of a particular process are responsible for high complexity, indicating quickly where to intervene.

The following slide illustrates the dashboard showing the process of "Credit Management" and its various phases. Without going into the details, the various dials on the dashboard indicate process simplicity (the complement to complexity) from a process management standpoint (0%- low simplicity = hard to manage, 100% - high simplicity = easy to manage). The color of the dials, on the other hand, indicates process robustness (green = robust, red = fragile).

Clicking on any of the above dials opens a window which illustrates the highest (3) contributors to the complexity of a particular phase of a give process, and produces the so-called Complexity Profile (i.e. breakdown into components).

Finally, each curve may be navigated interactively, enabling users to identify quickly periods of high complexity and/or low process robustness and to identify the causes.

The objective, of course, is to make processes more robust 8stable and repeatable) as well as more efficient. The final goal is to cut costs without sacrificing efficiency and customer satisfaction. More soon.